Saturday, April 25, 2009

New shows coming up.

Creative is flowing fast with D-fyant.

Almost every practice, we've got a new song idea.
That little house we practice in is giving off good vibes.
Now, if we could only get rid of the badger that lives
underneath it!

Upcoming shows:

Monday April 27 at Supper Happy Fun Land in Downtown Houston:
3801 Polk Street, Houston, Tx 77003
9 pm start

Friday May 1 at Cheers 2 U in West Houston:
14023 Westheimer, Houston, Tx 77077
10 pm start

Friday June 12 at Jet Lounge in Downtown Houston:
1515 Pease St, Houston, Tx 77002
10 pm start

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yes, we are still here!

Lots of new things are happening.

We got a new look to the official D-fyant website.

We're pushing out alot of new songs at each of our recent shows.
New photos and videos are being added, too.

If you haven't been to a show lately,

come check us out!
check the myspace page or the official page for upcoming shows.

You should have been to the last show at Scout Bar in Clear Lake!
Two chicks on stage dancing around.
A drunk guy up on stage, trying to sing along.
At least until he was escorted off stage.
And a fight broke out in the crowd.
Felt like a REAL rock show! hahaha

Saturday, June 7, 2008

D-fyant welcomes you to our official blog!

Here we are about to take another step into the great unknown of the internet, blogging. In the next few months, as we shift from performing live to recording our next album, we hope to stay in touch we you, our beloved fans. Each one of us will have a chance to express ourselves on this page. Who knows what this will bring? It should be fun! This will be the place where our thoughts and ideas will be presented to our fans as well. Some new things are already in the works.
We also figured it would be a great way for all of us to find out what Colin will be up to in his summer in London. The rest of the band is jealous! so stay tuned and lets see where this takes us!